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How To Dress At 40!

1) Settle on your haircut

  1. No more flamboyant hairstyles–gone are those days of experimenting.Just settle on the haircut that works well for you depending on your type of hair and shape of face; then get a barber that will always give you the right cut every time and stick with him.

2) Get yourself some nice watches

  1. You might have some watches in your collection, but now’s the time to step it up a notch. You can use your 40th birthday as a great opportunity to give yourself a treat by getting your first high-end watch –which you can probably pass down to your son one day. Also invest in jewellery that complements it, whatever you’re into – whether that be a ring or a small stack of bracelets that you can wear on your downtime which feature subtle stones or highly-polished beads and metals.

3) Don’t assume you need a bigger size

  1. You’re not 20 anymore which means there is a greater probability that the clothes you used to wear when you were 20 are not appropriate any longer. But that’s not to say that once you go shopping, you should be looking for the next big size, no! it only means you need a bit of adjustment and maybe go for a straight leg selvedge rather than a slim fit and please stay away from boot cut, it’s not your thing anymore.

4) Refine and update your wardrobe

  1. You might have a wardrobe which you have been stylishly building for 2 decades but at this point, there will be some clothing that has not seen the light of the day in a few years which is quite understandable, however, now is not the time to try them on but rather give them away so they can make space for new ones. Then go out and shop for the items that really fit your style at this particular period of your life.

•    Formal trousers :

•    Luggage :

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