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How To Dress At 40!

When it comes to dressing, you need to understand that there’s a fundamental difference between “fashion” and “style” – and when it comes to dressing in your 40s, then you will have to favor style over fashion as that will guide you and allow you to dress better rather than come across as an immature adult in terms of dressing. If you decide to favor fashion rather than style that means you will be dressing like a 14-year old at 40 which will not look too good in you. Age 40 is the point where you refine everything you have learned about dressing and create your own style. You will need to pay real attention to how each dress fits you which means making allowance for a little bit of weight but that’s not to say you then pick up an oversize dress or outfit to wear. The point is there’s no need to go overboard when you go shopping; just keep it simple. Truth is, once we touch the age of 40, we get settled in our life with a high paying job, a caring partner, and kids to look out for but at the same time, we also tend to fall far behind in terms of dressing or forget how to even dress ‘sexy’ at the age of 40. Well, it’s time to drop that limiting belief and make the necessary changes while still staying in line with the latest trends without looking like a hippy. You are going to be dropping those outdated clothes and style and instead, you’re going to shop for clothes that match your personality and with your hair and skin color; just something well-suited for you at this point in time. So when you shop, make sure you really invest in the details that go well with this particular period of time. As your style settles down and you find yourself wearing more of a uniform both causally and professionally, it’s your accessories that will really add personality. Choose a set of colors that work for you and keep it in mind when you’re shopping. Another thing to watch out for; while you might not be able to bust out the full-on print shirts without making it look like you are trying a little bit too hard, don’t be afraid of deploying patterns in small bursts with your ties, pocket squares and scarves. Also think of the accessories you might have had little need to spend money on in younger years: really good leather gloves, a selection of smart hats, jewellery, and matching luggage that doesn’t fall apart when it gets thrown in the hold. So here are some of the tips on how to dress at 40:

1) Settle on your haircut

  1. No more flamboyant hairstyles–gone are those days of experimenting.Just settle on the haircut that works well for you depending on your type of hair and shape of face; then get a barber that will always give you the right cut every time and stick with him.

2) Get yourself some nice watches

  1. You might have some watches in your collection, but now’s the time to step it up a notch. You can use your 40th birthday as a great opportunity to give yourself a treat by getting your first high-end watch –which you can probably pass down to your son one day. Also invest in jewellery that complements it, whatever you’re into – whether that be a ring or a small stack of bracelets that you can wear on your downtime which feature subtle stones or highly-polished beads and metals.

3) Don’t assume you need a bigger size

  1. You’re not 20 anymore which means there is a greater probability that the clothes you used to wear when you were 20 are not appropriate any longer. But that’s not to say that once you go shopping, you should be looking for the next big size, no! it only means you need a bit of adjustment and maybe go for a straight leg selvedge rather than a slim fit and please stay away from boot cut, it’s not your thing anymore.

4) Refine and update your wardrobe

  1. You might have a wardrobe which you have been stylishly building for 2 decades but at this point, there will be some clothing that has not seen the light of the day in a few years which is quite understandable, however, now is not the time to try them on but rather give them away so they can make space for new ones. Then go out and shop for the items that really fit your style at this particular period of your life.

Here are some recommended items for style-conscious men:

•    Formal trousers :

So far jeans have been a major part of your dressing, and while this is not to say that you should eliminate them completely, it’s nice to invest in some things for a change. Alternatives like formal trousers and chinos are good alternatives. Colors like beige and navy blue are great starter colors, but it’s also worth investing in a couple of colors that will be good for casual occasions such as dark red or forest green.

•    Luggage :

A true man of the world looks on-point whatever mode of transport he’s taking – and a key starting point for this is getting your luggage game up to scratch. It’s time to finally get rid of that beaten-up bag you bought on your gap year, find a quality luggage-maker that produces a shape you like and invest in a slick set that looks just as good together as it does apart. A good start would be a wheelie, cabin-sized carry-on, a larger suitcase for a week away and a smart tote bag for hand luggage. Extras include a leather suit-carrier or a mid-size wheeled weekend bag. Bottom line is, take a good critical look at yourself before you go out and see if you look too overdone. The aim is to look effortlessly amazing and stylish without coming across as trying too hard. References :

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