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Large men to dress perfectly

Perfect Size - a mere standard set by our society (more notably by our fashion industry) which keeps on changing every now and then but in this every now and then our society fails to realize that not everyone can be a size zero, not everyone can have that perfect bony structure with tad amount of meat on it, not everyone can look like Abercrombie models. The truth is perfect size does not exist; it is a MYTH, a part of a fashion mythology to be precise.

You may have come across millions of articles where they tell you how to dress properly and how to choose the right kind of clothing but truth be told, 90% of the times these articles are dedicated to men who go to gym 5 times a week and keep themselves alive on protein shakes (not judging anyone here). A lot of time we forget about men who do not fall in this category, men who only live to eat, men who have such a tough office routine that they do not get time to work out religiously and end up putting few pounds and that is okay, your weight and dress size never remain stable, they are always fluctuating.

Around the world there are plenty of big men who want to dress to impress without actually altering their body shape and this is where we come to assist you.

Know that careless dressing can make a man unforgettable but with these tips even the heaviest man can pull off the style.

Understand what you want from your clothing.

You need to keep a few things in your mind if you are purchasing clothes for a bigger body.


Right Fit:

Know that even if you are wearing expensive clothes, they do not even matter if they don’t fit you perfectly. A lot of large men think that wearing clothes that are a few sizes big on them will hide their physique, are in severe dilemma. The truth is that baggy clothes are always going to make you look big. Wrinkles, bulges, saggy clothes also do not make a good impression, they make a healthy man look bigger than usual.

It is an inevitable fact that when you are wearing clothes that hug your physique you eventually feel more comfortable and confident than usual. You feel more relaxed in it as compared to baggy or tight clothes which only make you conscious about your overall appearance.

For large men the best option would be that the clothes are neither too light nor too tight for them, instead they fit you generously. To be very honest you will not come across many readymade dresses that are going to fit you perfectly so as we have mentioned before, tailor is your best friend. Find a good tailor who can take accurate measurements of your body and stitch you clothes that are perfect for your build.

Side tip:

Dark colored overcoats are a must have for your wardrobe.

Light weight:

The heavier the garment the bigger you are going to look, lighter the garment, the lighter you are going to look.

Heavy clothing has many cons, for instance excessive sweating, so it is advisable to opt for light clothing.

For large men it is more advisable to opt for woollen trousers instead of denim jeans, because if you compare the two fabrics, denim is slightly heavier than the wool and if you are going to wear a heavy fabric on a heavy body, it is only going to make you look bigger than usual.


Simplicity never fails to impress anyone. With your physique, most of the time you are the centre of attention. So, if you over-do your dressing the impact can be really overwhelming and you do not want to feel awkward when people are staring at you.

Solid colored jackets, light patterned shirts will always complement you. Keep the patterns to minimum though.

The Right Type Of Clothing:

Even though we are living in the 21st century but you might not come across clothes which will completely change your body shape.

The only dress which can completely hide your body shape are the long robes that our Emirati fellows wear but this is the type of look many men do not want to follow.

Even if we live in the era where miracle creams and miracle dresses that can alter your body shape are sold in millions every day, truth be told their affects are never long lasting and are temporary. The only things that can make you look less flabby are good fitting clothes, they do not alter your physique though but they do make you look proportional and well framed.

Good clothing can instantly turn you from weak, lazy, fat man to confident, impressive and big man.

Clothing for large men:

Now you have at least a vague idea what exactly you are looking for, we can mention you various type of styles that will be a big yes yes for you.

We will help you in deciding which clothes are best for you and which clothes are the worst for you, exceptions excluded.

Good clothes:

You need to know about few key points when looking for “good clothes”:

They should perfectly fit you.

Suits, blazers, sports coat are going to make you look self contained.

You can also go for jackets, smooth slacks and over coats with neat and clean front for winters in order to make an impression.

Bad clothes:

In order to spot "bad clothes" look for the following things:

They will be soft and their outlines are not well defined.

Sweat shirts and loose sweaters fall into this category.

Athletic wear will make you look shapeless if you are wearing it outside your gym and also gives an impression of laziness.

For a casual day out sweat pants and an athletic t-shirt is a major no no.

Ugly clothes:

The worst of all. They will be:

Saggy, less formal and will make you look like a slob.

Stay away from loose t-shirts and baggy shorts, they emphasize your middle portion more as compared to your arms and legs, making you look very large. They are unflattering in general.

Stay away from shorts (sorry!) because they will make your legs look extremely skinny and your upper body super fat.

It is advisable that men with large bodies should stick to long sleeved t-shirts and trousers. Opt for dressier look in order to look classic.

Style check for large men:

Being big is never a crime but if you are planning to re-evaluate your entire wardrobe by robbing a bank then it will get you in a lot of trouble. You can easily upgrade your wardrobe without spending thousands on it. A simple swap and genius pairing is all what you need.

Belts (No) Suspenders (Yes):

Belts are only going to accentuate your flabby stomach and nothing else. Try suspenders for a change, they will never make you look super flabby plus they will keep the quality of your pants purchasing habits up. A poor trouser does not have any internal anchors for suspenders. Your tailor might add them for you or you can opt for metal clamp style suspenders but we would prefer if you buy trousers with nice quality and internal anchors.

Wear a hat:

This tip is used all over the world because it gives you a vertical space stretching your overall height a bit further, allowing you let your weight spread a bit further.

Also hats give an impression that you have put some effort in your outfit. It should be a must have style tool in your wardrobe.


Colors can make a huge impact on your overall physique. They play a great role in creating illusion. For chubby people, it is better if they prefer dark solid colors over light pastel colors. Black jeans will make your legs appear thin as compared to washed out jeans.

Same goes for the shirts as well. Dark colors like navy blue, black, maroon, chocolate brown will aid you in appearing thin as compared to light colors like grey, white etc.


Overalls will always make you look less big and will make your body look proportional. Solid color overalls are your best friend and can make an impression that you have put effort in your overall style.

Spread collar dress shirts:

Spread collars will make your face look proportional. The bigger the face, the bigger your collars should be. There is an entire variety of collars out there, one being extreme than the other. So, go for the one which compliment your style.

The plus point of spread collar is that they give you a huge area to make a proper necktie knot. Thin ties and small necktie knots are something you should not go for.

Facial hair:

Facial hair plays a very important role here; it hides your double chin and elongates your face while adding that mysterious touch to your entire personality. Nobody is asking you to grow a Santa Clause beard but you can always go for a finely trimmed beard around the chin and jaw line.

Keep your beard neat and well-kept as well, as it is only going to elevate your style statement in front of others.

Untuck your tailored shirts:

A shirt tucked in a waistband will only make you look bigger than usual, it is better if you buy shirts with round, even hems as a single fabric will draw less attention on your stomach. We know long sleeved collar shirts are preferred to be worn tucked but you can pair them with light sweaters to play their part instead. Polo-shirts come very handy here too but only if they are of perfect fit.


Accessories play a vital role in making your style statement look more effective. The bigger you are, the bigger your accessories should be. Swap your boring old ballpoint for an elegant fountain pen, small wrist watch for a bit larger one. The bigger you are, the more people are going to perceive you as strong and this is how large accessories will help you to get that title. You go Hercules!

Bottom line:

The fact is that even if you have started your weight loss journey or are even thinking about starting it; you need to wear something in order to make an impression. You need to style that body the way it is and to be very honest it is not impossible.

We have helped you how you can dress to impress even while being big. Know that you can actually look neat and stylish if you have clothes that fit you perfectly. Looking good was never based on the numbers present on your shirt’s size tag, being overweight does not stop you from looking smashing.

Learn to appreciate the way you are and believe us, you will see your confidence level boosting which will impact your over all personality.

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