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Popular FAQs about Menswear!

“The conversation on men’s fashion wear has not been as prevalent as their counter parts the women. While women take their fashion seriously, men are judged harshly by what they choose. Probably that is why you have black suits and white shirt filling your closet. This has left many questions unanswered as the desire to know more about men’s fashion shy off from most fashion conversation. However, the demand for men to look good and classy does not relent on this. You have to look right and in context at all the times.

As a man, you have to take your fashion serious. You have to dress the part because a lot is expected from you and how you look. Here are some of the answers to the most frequently asked question about menswear.”

Is suit without a tie for me?

  1. You have probably seen president obama talking on a suit without a tie. This fashion menswear bridges between casual and official. It is not just Obama, but nowadays, It is more of a common trend for men. It gives the mature look and the lax that is deserved for the occasion. However, it is not as simple as it looks, If you have tried to wear a suit without a tie and did not get just the right look that that you were looking for, here are some of the simple rules that may not be visible to you.

  2. It works well with a plain dark suit and a bright shirt. Do not do anything other than this. Secondly, if you want to look casual and not like a person who has just left jail, ensure that the shirt is crisp and has a stiff collar. The stiff collar aligns well with the suits collar giving you the smart deliberate no tie look. Softer collars tend to collapse. The suit should also be perfect fit. Extra clothing flapping about is not good for the ultimate look.

Do belts and shoes have to match?

  1. You probably have heard about this and what you need is a confirmation or clarity. The truth is, it is not as simple as it usually said. You have to match your shoes with your belt. However, having them exactly match gives the look of putting too much effort for a man for fashion. If you are wearing brown shoes, you certainly need to have a brown belt on. However, it does not have to be the same shade of brown for both of them.

  2. If you wear dark brown shoes, you may want to wear a lighter brown belt. Chestnut and chocolate do not work well because they are close. Dark, reddish brown and light tan is colors that can be combined because they are not the same. You do not have to look for different shades of black because you will find none. However, if you are wearing grey you may consider associated colors that are not black or white the other shades of grey.

Should I wear socks with loafers?

  1. Ten years back, this would be a question that would not be considered. Considering not wearing socks then was uncouth. However, new designs of shoes intrigue conversation whether wearing socks is necessary .The conservative you are probably resisting the contemporary fashion trend that sees men not wearing socks even as they wear closed shoes. This probably why this question bogs many men.

  2. Loafers are appropriately worn without socks. But for all men out there who feel uncomfortable going totally socks less, can invest in no show socks. They are low-cut invisible socks that’ll keep you fresh all day without ruining the look. Whether you are wearing trouser or shorts, you should not wear socks unless they are below the ankle and not visible. However, if you wearing other closed shoes other than loafers, socks should be worn at all the times. With loafers, it is not uncouth not to wear socks but it is stylish. However, with other closed shoes not wearing socks is uncouth.

Can Chinos be worn as formal clothing?

  1. Many men have not understood clearly when and how to wear chinos. Chinos have been viewed as informal clothing. They are casual in every sense of it. The look and feel comes out to imply laxity in a way that can only be equated to casual. However, there is some innate formal feel in chinos that can be explored and has been explored.

  2. When worn with a jacket or tailored blazer, the chinos can stand out to be formal. A jacket and tailored blazer especially of the same color fits well as formal clothing and can be worn during formal events. Bright colored jackets or tailored blazers that do not match the chinos are not formal and should be avoided for these occasions.

Can bright colored shirts be worn to work?

  1. Bright colored shirts are tricky for men. They require significant consideration before wearing not to mention having them on at work. Unless you are working at a first food shop, you should be careful before you wear bright colored shirt to work. The color of your eyes and your skin tone will determine whether it is okay to wear bright colored shirt to work. If you are dark skinned you can experiment with the colors.

  2. Bright colored shirts should work with dark colored ties and trousers. They work perfect with suits and the right time. However, there are certain colors that should be avoided. Wearing bright yellow, luminous green, bright, red and orange should be avoided. Masculine bright colors are however, encouraged if bright colors must be worn.

Should one wear vests under t-shirt?

  1. Vests are often worn for their functional purpose. If you often sweat, have hairy chest, or you are wearing a light shirt then you should definitely wear vests. If you are wearing a shirt, you should also definitely wear a vest. However, with T-shirts, unless you are sweating or have peaking hairs on chest, you can wear vests. The vest should not be visible at all if worn with a t-shirt. The outline of the vest and its appearance at the collar of the t-shirt should be avoided at all. Keep the color and the fabric right to ensure its functionality.

Is Denim on Denim allowed for men?

  1. You can wear denim on denim. However, different variations of the denim are the most appropriate for men. It is called the Canadian tuxedo and it has featured in the springs runways. You will realize that wearing the same designer all through will not give you a pleasing manly look. You will come out as a snake because of the consistency in color and texture. It is deal clothing for weekends and should be tried carefully. This is a yes and no situation whereby it all matters on the denims that are worn.

Which pocket square suits me?

  1. Pocket squares are the ultimate man accessory. If worn right and for the right occasion, it differentiates the man from the rest. You do not have to be wearing a suit to have them on. Silk pocket squares with fitting suits are recommendable. They should come in colors that synchronize with the color of the shirt. They should also be visible. You can still have the modern look with the right color of pocket square on you. If you are, having a plain, colored pocket square than you should have a straight fold or a one-corner fold. However, these avoid straight fold when wearing a mixed colored pocket square. Consider the two-peak fold.

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