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This 6 sessions style course is curated to help you streamline your wardrobe, bring style and confidence in your overall appearance so that you can focus more on the things you love, and less on ‘I have nothing to wear’!

Our personal stylist will help you learn the quickest path to everyday confidence with a cohesive and well‐edited wardrobe, full of figure flattering pieces.


Define your style goals

Define what you want to achieve out of this program, your style goals and style problems.

What to wear when

Learn about all the styling tips, style guide, what to wear when & style mistakes to avoid.

Wardrobe de-clutter

We will help you detoxify your wardrobe of everything that you do not  need or wear.

Shopping session

With our expert guidance, learn to become a pro-  shopper and know what to buy exactly.

Decode your style

Learn about your body type, colours & styles that suit  you the most with our expert guidance.


At the completion of the program receive a look book with complete outfit formula's.

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