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Read how my programs have benefited my clients and have changed their attitudes towards dressing.

T. Dasgupta


Before my sessions with Neha, I have always had many clothes but had never known to properly pair them with each other. I would always be confused when I would go for shopping since I did not know what exactly to pick up. I looked up for stylists on Google and I found Neha. She is a TedSpeaker and somehow, that is what attracted me to her service. I had a wonderful journey with Neha and her colleague, Shivani. To name a few of the things I learnt from Neha’s sessions – what colours look best on my skin tone, which style and what type of clothes go best with my body type, how can I use the same clothes to mix and match and yet look different each time, how to accessorize what I am wearing, how to have a lean and clean wardrobe, how to shop and what to look out for, while shopping. Besides all of these, I have seen  that Neha is a very positive human being. We always started off our sessions with a little dance on our seats and I would always look forward to our Saturday morning sessions. Because of Neha’s sessions, I now know how to dress well and dress sharp even if I am wearing just a t shirt and a pair of jeans. Shopping for clothes and shoes has never been easier. Neha’s colleague, Shivani is equally hardworking and is always available to answer questions and take care of planning the sessions. Thank you, Neha and Shivani for this very insightful and wonderful journey.

Sanjay Khatri

Artist Director, Central Contemporary Ballet

UrStyleCoach, with its team conducted a very well curated module for my Ballet school. The session was modules to the needs of  my students and everything  was conveyed in a manner that they could relate to. The need to dress appropriately was shared along with the importance of grooming which made it a holistic session!

Amareesh Gulati

Ex-Managing  Director, Standard Charted Bank

I never really  new what to wear when it came to 'Smart Business Casual'. UrStyleCoach clarified what's ideal and helped me choose an  extra-ordinary selection of  shirts and trousers and guess what? I am  never stuck again. My  Smart  Business casual wardrobe is impeccable and I am good to go in minutes.



I attended Ms Neha’s ‘Dress for Success’ workshop on the 16th of January and I highly recommend it to everyone. I found the workshop to be very insightful and helpful. It helped me look at dressing as a very important tool for our journey to success. Never knew our dressing plays such a huge role in our lives. I Would surely be incorporating all the tips and hacks shared during the session in my everyday dressing. 


The session was appropriately timed and had ample time to discuss and ask our queries. The session was thought-provoking yet interactive. It was indeed a holistic session. 


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