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7 Mistakes you make while dressing up!

“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have” is said by many when it comes to creating a wardrobe and style, but where do you start? Fashion can be an intimidating world when you are inexperienced or want to improve; it feels like you need to compete with models on a runway, but in reality that’s not the case. So many men break a ton of fashion rules without even knowing it, presenting themselves as tacky and outdated. Now is the best time to get into male fashion, with menswear sales growing by 5% worldwide, outpacing women’s wear for the first time ever.If you want to start dressing better today, you should definitely seek out personal fashion stylists for men, they can help you completely redesign your wardrobe and look your best. Before that, here are some changes you can make right now that will have a huge impact on your style.

Buying shirts that are baggy on the shoulders or chest

● So many men make the mistake of picking the wrong shirt size, making them look like a child or wearing a nightgown. Fitting shoulders and chest is critical to making sure the shirt fits your form and creates a good profile. The seam of the shirt should first just at the edge of the shoulder; if it fits just right you will feel flexible, without it getting too tight. Don’t confuse fit with tight though, make sure you still have a solid range of motion and are comfortable in the shirt, don’t buy 3 sizes lower than your normal size to make sure the shoulders fit! A professional can help size you up and help find the exact shirt size and type to fit you best.

Cargo shorts

● While cargo shorts are very handy, they can come off as tacky, making you look out of style and old. Shorts are more than acceptable to wear in the summer; you don’t have to confine yourself to jeans or dress pants in the hottest months. Buying slimmer chinos in a variety of colors will hold to your legs a lot better, creating a much more realistic profile and complimenting a well-fitting shirt excellently. Make sure your shorts don’t go past your knees; they should sit above the kneecaps. You should also look for slim-fitting shorts as most brands tend to run very wide sizes. Comfort and style come together in the summer months, and a great pair of shorts can help you look your best!

Buying high fashion brands automatically means you have style

● So many men drop thousands of dollars on designer clothes, only to look strange wearing them. Personal fashion stylists for men often recommend avoiding buying new clothes just because they’re expensive. When making a purchase, consider how it fits into your current wardrobe, what you can see yourself wearing with it, and if your ideal combination with it is possible.Applying principles of fitting, and getting correct color also ensure you can wear a piece in a variety of situations and have it work for you. A stylist can help find the brands that best match your body type, and make sure that you’re spending your hard earned money in the right place.

Trousers with no belt

● If you’re working casual and wearing a shirt over your pants, you can skip the belt, provided that the pants won’t fall while you’re wearing them. Beyond holding the pants up, a belt ties the complete outfit together, especially for more professional and formal looks. Work with a personal stylist, who can help purchase a very high quality belt in black or brown to create a tasteful look that matches the rest of your wardrobe.

Unfit and Distressed Jeans

● Jeans are an everyday look for most people, they are easy to put on, and match with just about anything. They can be worn in a semi-formal look, or just if you need to run errands. Unfortunately, putting our jeans through so much can cause real wear and tear to the fabric, ripping at the knee area for example. When people see these distressed jeans, they may interpret you as a bum. Consider switching out a tired old pair of jeans for a new, more form fitting pair. A personal stylist professional can help you pick the right pair of jeans.

Not being aware of your own physique

● Many people look to celebrities, or models for fashion inspiration. It makes sense, they are paid to dress their best and show their style on a runway. Unfortunately, most models have a much smaller physique than the average person, and comparing fits to them, many wind up unfulfilled. Be aware of your body type, and look to those with similar build for fashion ideas. Broad shoulders, bigger stomach, tall or short, there are many within the media that you can look to as inspiration, or consult a stylist that will know how to turn your perceived weaknesses into strengths.

● Perhaps the most important point on the list, and the biggest recommendation by personal fashion stylists for men, is to be comfortable in whatever you wear.This advice should not be taken literally, as everyone feels comfortable in a pair of track pants and a huge sweater, but mentally. One of the hardest mental barriers for people is to step outside their comfort zone and wear something that they don’t usually put on. By repeating this process for multiple days, you start to build a new path in your brain that likes this type of clothing, and you start to make it work in your wardrobe. If you buy a new article of clothing, make sure you wear it almost immediately multiple times, so you start to feel confident in it from the start.

● Find rules on this list that you are breaking? Don’t worry, as a few changes to your wardrobe can make a massive difference on your style and looks. Consider consulting a personal fashion stylist, their job is to coach you through to process and ensure you’re following all these rules, and give you all sorts of tips and tricks to look your best. You don’t want to represent yourself poorly, a professional can turn your wardrobe completely around, and have you looking like a model in a few hours!

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