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Jim Sarbh’s style is catching a lot of eyeballs lately and we must say well deservingly so. His style is fun, quirky and eccentric. Here is the glimpse of his styles that has put him at the top of the style pyramid.

Knowing his style, we knew he would own the red carpet at Cannes 2018. His looks definitely left us starry-eyed and over that his potent personality added that extra charm to his looks. We can go on and on about his sense of style but let’s keep that for another time and move on to talking about his Cannes look, shall we?

1. DOUBLE (BREASTED) TROUBLE Jim Sarbh pulls off this Double breasted suit like a pro. We have not seen anyone wearing a double-breasted suit and looking so relaxed. This suit wasn’t made for Jim Sarbh but Jim Sarbh was made for this suit! Top to Bottom: Gucci

2. THE TUX AFFAIR In Nauman Piyarji’s black tuxedo with velvet detailing, Jim looks like a true gentleman. Guys, take this as your style inspiration for your next Black-Tie event. Jim knows how to justice to the formal wear.

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Until next, Stay happy and Stay stylish!

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