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This item of clothing is perfect for the light drizzle or the just-in-case carry on! Lightweight and with colors to choose from, wear this for a smart casual look during the monsoon season! Check out the H&M Windbreaker here. Rain-Ready Bag:

The monsoon season is predictable, June-August, but, will it rain everyday? Or tomorrow? - The weather forecast is somewhat predictable, make sure you’re prepared with a backpack that’s good to go in the sunshine and rain. Check out the SkyBag’s Backpack here. Waterproof watch:

Get yourself a sturdy, water resistant watch during this monsoon season - you don’t want to ruin this accessory of yours. Watches are a special item for many! This watch from Timex is not only simple, it’s water resistant too, which means you won’t ruin it in the rains! Do your regular chores and tasks, you need not worry! T-Shirt:

During the monsoons while it can be dull and gloomy - you don't have to be! Brighten up your mood and wardrobe with this polo shirt that’ll ensure you are in the best mood possible. Wearing bright colors have many positive mental effects! Try it out Check out the U.S. POLO ASSN. shirt here. Bottoms:

Shorts or trousers are your call! Both are monsoon appropriate.  Going out with friends for brunch, pick shorts and a bright color t-shirt; going for a meeting, pick trousers and a smart shirt. Be prepared and aware of the rain condition before you pick any! Check out the Jack and Jones shorts here. Check out the Louis Philippe trousers here. Shoes:

In the monsoons, flip flops are your best friend! They are easy to slip on, don’t get dirty and are easy to clean! Get yourself a pair if you don’t have one already from Adidas here. If you want to dress up your look with espadrilles when the weather isn’t so bad… pair it up with this fun, lively, bright print exclusively from Shivan &Narresh!  Check out these monsoon ready espadrilles here. Smell good:

During monsoons, while it can get sticky and humid, ensure you are smelling good and smell fresh! Don’t be the one who people don’t want to be around. Get your exclusive fragrance from Shoppers Stop.!976!3!323704998190!!!u!297295175928! We hope this guide gave you the hottest trendsetting items for the monsoon season 2019! Do watch out our blog space for many more updates, tips and tricks to always keep you stylish and ready! We are very active on social and would love for you to check us our for daily tips/tricks/hacks and suprises! For any style queries , workshops , personal style consultation call us at 9810000799. Untill next Stay Classy, Stay Stylish

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Aug 14, 2023

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