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Everything You Need to Know About Tie-Bars

ORIGINS OF A TIE BAR A tie pin was originally worn by wealthy English gentlemen to secure the folds of their “cravats*”

The cravat* is a neckband, the pioneer of the modern necktie and bow tie, originating from a style worn by members of the seventeenth-century military unit

Tie pins were first popularized at the beginning of the 19th century, tie pins commonly used pearls and other precious gemstones set in gold or other precious metals and were designed specifically for their owners. WHEN AND WHERE TO WEAR IT You should be wearing a tie bar whenever you’re wearing a tie, it will make everything look presentable and neat. And you should wear it while wearing formals or suits. TYPES OF TIE BAR 1. Tie Bar

This is a thin piece of metal that you slide across your tie in order to attach your tie to your shirt. 2. Tie Clip

Now , this one instead of sliding it , you attach or clip the tie with your shirt . 3. Tie Tack

This piece of jewelry is different from the others, to wear this you’ll have to detach the pin and pierce it through your tie and attach it again. 4. Tie Chain

This is another tie restraining accessory , the upper part is hooked to your shirt button and then the tie is put through the chain, in a way that the bar is behind the tie and the chain is in front and visible. WHY AND HOW?

Wearing a tie bar adds an extra flair in your outfit, not only it makes your tie stay in place but it looks classy too!

Deciding where to put the tie bar can be a daunting task, if it’s too low the tie can form a bulge and if too high , there’s no point wearing a tie bar then .Worry not, we at UrStyleCoach are here to help you with all your fashion needs.We have a simple trick that is going to place the tie bar where it is needed!

  1. The tie bar should come between your shirt’s 3rdand 4thbutton.

  1. Make sure that you attach the tie bar to the tie and placket of your shirt

  1. A tie bar should never be wider than your tie. It should range in size between one inch and the width of your tie.

  1. Always wear the tie bar perpendicular to your tie; never at an angle.

  1. Try getting metallic tie bars, most preferably a silver one as it goes well with almost everything. You can also opt gold if it’s going with the outfit or you’re wearing gold accessories. Avoid colorful ones.

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