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Fashion trends to look out for in 2021-22

Comfort has become everyone's priority. Oversized, loungewear style clothing Jogger waist trousers, baggy shirts/t-shirts, loose dresses and more can be witnessed being sold at every small and big retailer alike. This style is one of the best investments you will make for your wardrobe.  2.BRIGHT COLOURS AND BOLD PRINTS

Neutrals are everyone's favourite, however, sometimes wearing bright colours can turn your looks and day around. Bright colours and printed styles from the early 2000s have come back into trend and we are really enjoying it. We recommend if your wardrobe lacks, get some colour and prints in your wardrobe. 3.VOLUMINOUS DRESSES

Flowy and voluminous silhouettes for dresses are being sighted everywhere. They are roomy enough to give you comfort yet look polished and trendy. This style of dress can easily be taken from day to night making it one of our favourite trends this season.  4. POWER SUITS

Gone are the days when suits were considered conservative, formal and monotonous. Designers have made sure to bring back the suits that exude boldness, power and confidence. With plenty of colours, silhouettes, cuts and styles available suits have come back into the trend with a bang. And this is one trend that is worth investing in. 5.WIDE-LEGGED TROUSERS

The wide-leg trend was the most often seen trend last season and it is still going strong. Moreover, I predict this trend to get even bigger in the coming season. It looks sporty, chic and trendy along with giving ample comfort. Be it jeans, trousers or jumpsuits, the trend could be seen in every possible piece of clothing. This trend has our stamp of approval for you all to try. Even though I mention the above styles to be "trends", I believe them to have a classic touch to them. By classic I mean the trends will remain in fashion for a long time and chances are you will get enough use out of them as a part of your wardrobe. Do let me know your favourite trend for the season.  For more regular updates, connect with us on Instagram @urstylecoach. Until next, Stay safe, Stay stylish. 

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