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Father’s day is just around the corner, and we have picked the best gifts for you to fit any budget!This list has been thought out carefully just for you, to bring a smile to your dad’s face when he receives it! We are what we are because of our dads. Their hard work, passions, ambitions - all for us. Here are the best gifts, with the budget to make your decision straightforward! Inexpensive and handmade: These cards are sure to strike a chord with father’s. Handmade always has a charm and although made with inexpensive materials, the thought supersedes the actual product.

Check out some ideas for cards here:[]=father%27s%7Cautocomplete%7C1&term_meta[]=day%7Cautocomplete%7C1&term_meta[]=cards%7Cautocomplete%7C1&term_meta[]=handmade%7Cautocomplete%7C1 Natural and <2000INR: This Forest Essentials Kit has been created for the special someone in your life! With a complete end-to-end facial care solution, your dad will surely remember you every time he uses these products. In addition, the scent of Sandalwood and Orange peel in the after shave is sure to make him leave an impression wherever he goes.

Here’s the link to purchase: Statement and <3000INR: These cufflinks are sure to bring up conversation! Handmade, painted and unique - make your dad feel special when he wears them. Watch the smile erupt when asked about where he got them from!

Here’s our top pick: Luxurious and <6000INR: Want to gift your dad the one-stop solution to all his dressing needs - this set from Satya Paul is perfect. with a silk tie, pocket square and cufflink- he’s sure to look dapper!

Here’s our pick from Satya Paul’s collection: Timeless and <8000INR: Want your dad to remember you wherever he goes? Give him a set of tunes to remember you by, forever. 

Carvaan is the perfect gift in this scenario with over 5000 songs : Unique and <10,000INR This Mont Blanc Augmented Paper is sure to make your dad set a statement and precedent in his meetings. Let your dad be the coolest of the lot with this gift that converts handwritten notes into digital ones and syncs over bluetooth! What can get cooler than that?

Here’s the link to the Mont Blanc website: We hope this guide has helped you with finding just the right gift for your dad! Better hurry and purchase since it’s just three days away! We are very active on social and would love for you to check us our for daily tips/tricks/hacks and surprises! You can follow our Instagram page For any style quires, workshops, person style consultation  call us at 9810000799. Untill next Stay Classy, Stay Stylish

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