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Avoiding Deodorants: Your odour announces your arrival before you do…so make sure its the right one. This one is a no brainer but still a lot of men make this mistake of not using the deodorants during winter months even when they skip a shower. Mentally during summer months heat and sweat make you conscious of your odour but during the winters, the alternating temperatures - warm, cozy inside and chilly outside, makes us sweat even more and that’s where deodorants come handy. So stay clam and roll on.

Not applying sunscreen: Most people ease up the use of sunscreen during winters as they feel that they are not going to get sunburns but this is a myth. In reality the UV rays are harmful all year round and you are more likely to get sunburnt in winters so it is crucial to incorporate sunscreen in your daily routine. If you want to avoid the hassle of applying sunscreen separately then invest in a moisturiser with SPF.

Neglecting regular haircuts: Gentleman-Winter or Summer your hair grows. A good haircut can definitely change the way a man looks after all its your crown you wear everyday. But many people out of sheer laziness avoid haircuts during winters.Regular haircut ensures that your hair stays healthy and you end up looking tidy and stylish. Ideally you should go for haircut after every 3-4 weeks. So what are you waiting for book your salon appointment today.

Avoiding Moisturizing: Hydrating your skin is essential especially in winters. Your skin gets dry and flaky in winters so  moisturisers prevents your skin from looking dull. Invest in a good moisturiser according to your skin type and ideally one should apply moisturiser twice a day after shower for best results.

So now that you are aware of your grooming mistakes it’s time to ditch your cozy blankets and work towards looking more well groomed and polished to crack the your next big business deal. Don’t let the gloomy weather dampen your persona. Reach out to us on+91 9810000799 or via email on for a free 20 minutes consultation call! Alternatively, you can also book a 1-1 session with us. Until next Stay Classy, Stay Stylish

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