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How to be more Desirable

Hey guys!!

Every man on this planet wants to be the man every girl dreams of and the one who is respected and admired wherever he goes.

Do you also want to be the one??


So guys in this blog, I am going to spill the beans & list out the qualities that makes you desirable from a woman’s point of view.

The gyaan begins….NOW.



The first and foremost thing a girl notices is how confident you are in your own skin.

So guys, take note and master all the aspects of this quality..

And this can only be achieved once you stop caring about what everyone around you thinks! Because the ultimate key to happiness is to carry your confidence & to be comfortable in your own skin.

Go ahead , be yourself and live in the attitude of “Mere jaisa koi nahi”.

2. Look Good Feel Good

Everything seems perfect when you feel good about yourself. And for that all you need to do is to dress well and look good. Am sure we all have that ONE outfit that makes us feel extra good & extra stylish. Why not use it to the fullest?? Want to create more of such great looks that make you feel Stylish??

Looking good can definitely reduce your stress and can make you feel good about yourself.

If you want to make others happy, first, practice what you preach and step up your style game!

3. Dress Well

Guys, Dressing well is an art and the first step to master this is getting the FIT RIGHT !

Always keep in mind to get your clothes altered to your size. Because ill-fitted clothes create a negative impression and of course, we all know the importance of FIRST Impressions...right?

Also make sure that you dress for the occasion as well as the location!

Only then can you hit a ‘Mauke pe chauka”

4. Mind your gestures

We understand that keeping yourself calm and composed even when you are just not in the right mood is a pain. But guys this is what elevates you to a gentlemen.

Yes, it is the move to follow unless you want to be in the news for all the wrong reasons 😉

5. Give Compliments

Girls love compliments & it's not a secret. Making someone smile is considered an act of kindness that will never go unappreciated! And the best smiles are a result of compliments. After all age old saying "Hassi toh Phassi " isn't doing rounds just like that. A few kind words here and there never harmed anybody.

Go ahead & shower some genuine COMPLIMENTS.

"Karo taarif pe taarif."

6. Learn the art of handshakes

Your handshake is a gesture that speaks volumes about your personality. So be a man & initiate the process. A FIRM handshake exudes confidence without the use of words whereas a LOSE handshake reflects timidness. Keep your handshakes FIRM. Neither like a dead fish nor crushing.

Coach Tip : Always make an eye contact while shaking hands.

7. Know your drinks well

Nothing impresses a girl more than a guy who knows his drinks & holds them well. Knowing your drinks comes with the subtext of knowing how to hold one’s glass!

Do you know that every glass demands an entirely different treatment?

If not,

These little things talk of your personality a lottt!

Ace the art of holding the glass & flaunt it on your next date.

Learn about your drinks and don’t forget to follow the etiquettes.

Tameez mei raho 😉

8. Be well groomed

Girls love men who are well groomed. End of Story.

Lets get real here guys. Your Virappan or Gabbar look can only scare a girl and not impress her. Be it your beard, your haircuts or your overall grooming hygiene, put effort into every bit and tick the checklist to being Stylish & well-groomed!

To help you stay groomed, checkout our carefully curated list and make sure you have your grooming essentials ready for your daily as well as special needs!

9. Be courteous.

Good manners never go out of style. A true gentleman is never shy of being the bigger person when the situation demands it.

Never ever fly-high thinking “Main Dude Hoon”. Be courteous always and remember ..

Success stays forever with the ones who are courteous.

10. Remember chivalry is not dead.

Chivalry of men towards women will never go out of date. Whether you pull out her chair, open the door for her or give her a hand, it shows that you care.

A real man never fails to make his lady love feel special.

And why keep that chivalry to your lady only?? Extend it to all 🙂

11. Use magic words more - Thank You, Please, Sorry, Excuse me, Welcome.

Words like Thank you, Please, Sorry work like magic. Don't believe us?

Try it for a week - Use them in your day to day life and you will be showered with love from all four corners.

So go on and let them rub off some magic.

12. Mind your tone at all times.

Girls respect guys who are always in control. Raising your voice or losing your temper is a spoiler and a big turn off.

It not only spoils the mood, it spoils the ambience and most importantly, your image.

Sab barbaad

13. Smile more.

The first thing we women tend to notice about a man is their smile. It attracts the most!!! And the best part is -It costs nothing!

A wise man once said “Smile and the world smiles with you, weep & you weep alone”. So guys, smile & share the positivity .

Haso, khush raho, muskurao….kya pata, kal ho na ho!

14. Wear a nice perfume.

Use your fragrance to attract people and not to repel them.

Wear it just enough to be noticed and not announcing your arrival. Don’t overdo it or you might end up smelling like a mosquito repellent.

15. Shine your shoes more.

Well yes. They do get noticed. If women pay so much attention to their shoes, they definitely aren't going to give a pass to any guy.

Gentlemen, your shoes take you places. Being a constant companion of your success journey, they demand some attention. Remember this old saying “A gentleman is known by the shoes he wears”. If you want to be desired & make it to the women’s good books - Shine them regularly !!

Don’t let your dirty shoes showcase you in a DIRTY PICTURE.

Do let us know what you think about the above hacks to look desirable. Did we miss on something? Let us know and don't forget to share your comments in the section below.

We would love to hear it from you guys.

Till then... Stay Classy, Stay Super Stylish.

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