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How to dress up this festive season? – Bundi Jackets

A bundi jacket or commonly known as the Nehru jacket is a classic piece. We can say this since we have always seen Pandit Nehru sport the look. They became popular mostly after his tenure as the Prime Minister of India in 1947.

But even after being worn for decades, it manages to retain its charm!

It is a hip-lengthed coat that can be worn by both, men and women. The mandarin collar adds to the level of formality of this jacket. This suggests that you just need to know the trick of dressing up or dressing down this timeless piece.

There are vast customisations available in the Nehru jacket, as they are sold under this name even in countries like Europe and America. The modifications commonly seen are :

Length Variations

Incorporating Patterned Fabric

Adding embroidery

So, this festive season, UrStyleCoach has decoded the different ways to carry this versatile piece of clothing.

Ways to wear it :


Indo- Western


If you think we missed out on any looks for this festive season, leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Stay tuned to this space for more such posts!

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