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Dressing well can impact our mind in ways we can’t imagine. The way we dress up affects the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act and the way others react towards us. Don’t you feel more positive when you wear your favourite dress or your favourite colour? Even girls, when you pull out that favourite lingerie of yours! Don’t you feel at the top of the world when you look good? Don’t you feel confident and good about yourself?

So why should lockdown stop you from dressing up and looking good? Let us help you in upgrading your style and helping you dress up stylishly during this time. Your hair is your crown, make sure they are well done and well-groomed. Ladies can put their hair up in a ponytail or a classic bun and if you want to experiment a bit you can invest in headbands. They are very much in this season and can instantly elevate your style.

With meetings happening virtually, your face has become the core of your personality. It has become more than ever important to be presentable. Kajal or using an eyeliner can do wonder for your eyes and enhance your look. Another tip to look radiant over a video call is to use a highlighter or an illuminator. It can instantly brighten up your face. So don’t be afraid to reach out for your makeup!

Accessorise! Adding the smallest accessory can really change your whole look. A hoop earring, brooch or a scarf is a great addition to your everyday look. If you like wearing Indian, put a bindi to add colour to your face. Another great tip is to wear your dupatta in the front (as shown in the picture) to elongate your frame.

Invest in neutrals. Neutrals are easier to accessorise and also work well with other colours. They are called investment pieces for a reason. If ever in doubt stick to neutrals. Wardrobe neutrals are subtle communicators and money savers since they combine easily with other colours. Most of the women don’t get tired of neutrals easily as they are the classic pieces that never go out of fashion. Make your wardrobe more versatile and add a pop of colour with your accessories scarfs etc.

Add a third layer when you want to look professional and make that impression. A third layer could be a scarf, Nehru jacket or a blazer. They are easily available and looks like you have put in efforts to dress up. The third layer will instantly make you look much more stylish and give you that formal look.

Invest in your bottoms. You need to be comfortable while working from home. Palazzos, wide-leg pants and trousers are extremely comfortable and fuss-free.

Iron your clothes. It makes you look well-groomed and presentable. It's all in the details. Lastly, give yourself those positive affirmations. Give yourself that love. The universe responds to your energy so make sure to give out positive energy in order to receive it back. Positive affirmations first thing in the morning will surely turn your day around!

It's the little things that can amp up your look from a “4” to a “10” quickly. We hope these tips help you dress better for the rest of the ‘W-F-H’ phase. What do you do to look stylish and put together for your Zoom and skype meetings? We would love to know your tips and tricks. If you loved this blog comment down below and let us know! If you have any question, feel free to ask us on (Instagram handle: @urstylecoach) Until next time, Stay stylish, stay safe!

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