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Having a dedicated work setup or a work area will help you get into that “work” mode every morning with ease in comparison to when you work from your bed instead. It also helps your mind to draw a line between work and home life which a lot of us are currently struggling with. Having a work desk will also help you keep your posture in check. If you can, invest in a moving desk. Different views, locations and sound can inspire creativity and prevent your routine from becoming monotonous. Bonus tip: When making a call over the phone try to walk around and sneak your steps in. It will help you stretch and relax your muscles. 2. PLAN YOUR CALENDAR:

This honestly is the easiest way to plan your day in the most efficient way without getting overwhelmed with all the tasks at hand. Allocate definitive time to each task. It will also help you keep your focus at your current task without worrying too much about everything else that needs to be done. 3. HAVE A DEFINITIVE WORK TIME:

Set your official work hours and try to stick to those hours. Working from home has made us all realise how hard it is to stop. Setting a definitive work time will guide your brain to work more efficiently and productively without consuming your entire day. Give your brain the rest it so desperately needs. 4. DRESS UP:

We can’t stress enough how much impact dressing up has on your mood and as a result on your productivity. You might think dressing up while working from home is so unnecessary but trust us when we say DRESSING UP WILL TURN YOUR DAY AROUND. The biggest challenge while working from home is getting your mind into ‘work mode’ which can be hard when your home is your office. Dressing up will instantly put your mind into that zone and get things done. Your mind has been conditioned to feel lazy and relaxed when wearing pyjamas. Get yourself out of those pyjamas into your workwear outfit and manipulate your mind to get work done. Dressing up especially for work will help you mentally separate work and leisure time, which can be very helpful to create stronger boundaries between these two parts of their life. 5. SET BOUNDARIES:

If you live with your family, having distractions while working is very obvious but you need to set boundaries. You need to make everyone aware that you are working and for the duration of whatever time you will be occupied and must not be disturbed until necessary. That cute dog video can wait! We also recommend having a dedicated lunchtime and break time to avoid exhaustion and burnout. We hope this was helpful. Let us know in the comment section below what all tips you will be implementing to make your workday more productive. Also, if there is any other method that you implement to make your days productive, let us in on your secret and tell us all about it in the comment section below. Let us help each other out in these trying times! If you have any feedback or comments let us know in the comment section below or contact us at @UrStyleCoach on Instagram. Until next time,  Stay  Classy, Stay stylish!

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