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Cardigans once considered grandpa’s sweater is no longer an old-fashioned garment. They are back in fashion and we strongly believe they should be back in your wardrobe too.  Dress them up or dress them down, there are hundred different ways to style them. To give you some inspiration this winter season, when layering is a must, we bring you five most stylish ways you can style this extremely versatile piece. So, let’s get right into it!


A simple slim fit navy blue cardigan with a grey suit and Burgundy lace-up shoes will give your regular business wear an edge. To jazz up the look you can add a pocket square. This is the perfect look for someone who wants to achieve the classic yet stylish look.


Yes, we understand there are days when you do don’t want to put in too much effort to dress up but still want look on-point at the work. Throw in a navy blue cardigan with grey trousers, check shirt, black lace-up shoes and accessorise the complete look with red power tie, watch and a black leather belt. This look is perfect for Thursday dressing when you can smell the weekend & it's still not here.


A cardigan is a very versatile piece. It not only adds depth to your outfit but also acts as a stylish layer. Pair it with a crisp white shirt, sports jacket and khaki Chino’s. To give the outfit a little edge ditch the tie and instead go for a cravat. It will make it a great attire when you want to make a perfect impression. Trust us gentleman, this look will make you stand out in all good ways!


This is our favourite look and definitely will set you apart. Get your basics out for this one. Layer the black denim and a white round neck tee throw in our versatile cardigan and Khaki trench coat. Add a muffler and sunglasses and you’re all set to make those heads turn. This look is guaranteed to turn you into a fashion icon. Don’t believe us? Well, try it out and watch yourself turn into one. To know more about how to wear a trench hit on this link -


Like cardigans, denim jackets are extremely versatile. And together they look absolutely stylish. This look has the maximum room to experiment. Pair it with chinos or denim. The trick to achieving the perfect denim on denim look is to watch the washes of the two. Team it up with some sunglasses and sneakers and you are all set for a casual evening. Ready to ooze some class and sophistication at the same time. Looking for a similar cardigan to buy? Check out these options! To sum up: Despite it being a cliché in the sweater-world, there are so many ways to make a cardigan look stylish. There is no reason why a cardigan should not triumph the styling game and we just proved why and how. Formal to Casual we have looks for everyone to choose from. Cardigan has broken all barriers and has made space for itself in all classifications of clothing from business wear to work wear to casual. What are you still waiting for, it's time to get styling! If this post gave you some style inspiration, make sure to like, share and comment. We would love to hear from you! For other inquires, you can reach us at Do you find yourself struggling every morning for making your outfit decision? The feeling of ‘Having nothing to wear’ frustrates you? UrStyleCoach is here to help. UrStyleCoach is a men’s styling company where we cater to all your styling needs. Be it your business wardrobe or your event attires.  To know more about how can we help you book a free thirty minute Skype session. Get in touch with us at Email: Phone: +91 9810000799 You can also find us here at: Instagram: @urstylecoach Twitter: @Urstylecoach1 Facebook: @Urstylecoach Until Next, Stay classy, stay stylish!

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