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Statement socks trend is slowly catching up, however, there is a thin line between making a powerful style statement with statement socks and looking like someone who was an inspiration for Ranveer Singh’s whimsical style and we bet you don’t want to cross that line, do you?

If you want to know how to rock this trend, keep on reading....... Now, we are a firm believer of ‘fashion has no rules’ but there is no denying that if you follow some guidelines you can ace these fashion trends like a pro. Here are the top tips that you might follow, to look amazing in statement socks. 1. MATCH THE ELEMENTSDon’t go totally crazy while picking your socks. Match the element of your outfit to your socks. Don’t make them both clash.

2. CHOOSE THE RIGHT PATTERNIt is always safe to stick to classic prints such as polka dots, stripes, checks. Even if you’re motivated enough to choose gimmicky prints like pizza prints, choose against it. You will thank us later for it.

3. TAKE CARE OF YOUR POWER SOCKSStatement socks are eye-catching and ask for attention whether you want that or not. Which makes it very obvious, that people will notice this part of your outfit very keenly. Make sure it is in the best shape sans any holes. If a statement sock can make your outfit, it can break your outfit too!

4. SWITCH IT UPEven though it is a quirky element that adds oomph to your outfit, don’t be too uptight about it. DO NOT WEAR it to your formal business events, just don’t! keep switching it every now and then as per the occasions.

That’s all for today, now go and add some fun and colour in your outfit. If you liked the blog, don’t be shy to share it with your fellow mates!If you would like to know the answer to your specific style query, pop us a mail today and a stylist from our team will get in touch with you! Or you can contact us on our number for Style on DialEmail ID: info@urstylecoach.comMobile: +91 9810000799Follow us on our other social media channel to see what we are up to each day! Until next, Stay happy Stay stylish!

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