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I wanted to go on a staycation with my family for quite some time so, we randomly decided to go to ITC Grand Bharat. Hands down, it is one of the most luxurious and beautiful properties I have stayed at. A day before our booking, the staff contacted us to get ID proofs, so once we reached, the check-in process was quick and seamless. We did not have to wait for long, which was great since it was a long drive to the property.

We were served welcome drinks after which we were escorted to our rooms. We had booked two rooms, one with the gazebo and one with the "famous" plunge pool. The rooms were spacious, tidy, sanitised and well-organised with all the amenities. There was nothing more that we could have asked for.

We spent our day doing different activities that were available on the property. Honestly, 24 hours is a short time to try out all the activities but, we still could cover quite a few. We played badminton, chess, did archery and played squash which was a sweet surprise. I don't think I have been to a resort or a hotel that offered squash. They also have a golf course which unfortunately we could not try because it is closed on Mondays. I also had an opportunity to try out their spa. The spa was relaxing and rejuvenating, to say the least.

The food was exquisite and to-notch and quite frankly my favourite part of the entire staycation. But what topped the entire experience of my staycation was how courteous and helpful the staff was. The service that the resort provided was commendable. The staff was highly trained and extremely cooperative.

Coming to the most important point (a lot of people had their concerns about it as well), Covid-Safety. The property was clean, well-maintained and took all the necessary Covid precautions. To sum up, my entire stay with ITC Grand Bharat was pleasant. We enjoyed it thoroughly. Let us know if we missed out on anything or if there's anything more you would like us to answer and talk about.

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