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Do you often buy things because you saw some celebrity/influencer or a friend wearing them without giving too much thought? Or do you go on shopping trips and pick things up impulsively? Well, most of us do. This results in us buying things that either do not complement our body, skin tone or personal style. The outcome? The item sits in the wardrobe months after months waiting for the "right time/occasion" which, honestly, we all know never comes. 2.YOU SHOP WITHOUT TRYING TO CO-ORDINATE  WITH PIECES THAT ARE ALREADY IN YOUR WARDROBE

One trick that I always use before making a purchase is to visualise wearing that particular item in at least three ways. If I cannot, I do not make that purchase. You need to make sure every item you buy has a lot of use in your wardrobe. If a particular item doesn't fit your current wardrobe well then chances are you will have a tough time teaming it up with your outfits. 3.YOU BUY ITEMS THAT DO NOT FIT WELL

Most high-street brands are European which means their standard sizing is not entirely suitable for Asians. Therefore, not everything will suit you well. A very common mistake besides buying a style that does not sit on our bodies well is not getting the item altered to our measurements. For instance, a midi dress from Zara will not fit like midi on someone who is 5'1 (the average height of women in India). Ill-fitted clothes, more likely than not, tend to hang in our closets collecting dirt and adding to the size without being of much use. In theory, it might seem you have plenty of clothes. However, practically, the reality is far away from what it seems. Plenty of clothes do not convert to having plenty of outfit options. Make sure the next time you shop, you do it mindfully. Make a shopping list, visualise the looks, think about your dressing goals and get rid of items that you do not use. Trust me, it will sort your wardrobe and life out. And if you are still confused. Get in touch with us for a wardrobe consultation. Let us know what else do you want us to write about. Connect with us on Instagram @urstylecoach for more regular updates. Until next, stay safe, stay stylish.

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