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Updated: Nov 21, 2023

The holiday season has begun and with the past two years spent in lockdown, travellers are all set to take off and get a respite from their mundane lives and escape their repetitive lifestyle to explore what the world has to offer. May it be standing amid the hustling queues at the airport, peaking at the fluffy clouds from the tiny aircraft windows or getting restless, waiting for the baggage on the luggage belt, it has been a while since we had a sip from the travel cup and certainly need assistance with all the planning that goes behind our tours. So, in this article, we hope to jog your memories and help you pack your suitcases effectively and avoid last-minute panic situations!

The first ‘A’ that needs to be noted is ’appropriateness’ which is imperative to keep in mind while packing since our clothes need to be in accordance with the destination of our travel, and consequently appropriate to the climatic/ geographical/ cultural conditions of the place. A hilly place or a beach destination will require completely different approaches to packing but, in both situations, it is essential to pack light and make sure that you don’t overdo your luggage. The right number of garments to carry will be determined by the number of days of your travel. The number should always be more than the days but not such that it is overburdening the carrying capacity.

You can essentially have 4 different categories- travel wear, comfort wear, formals and fancy wear. Travel wear includes garments that you wear at the airport or while travelling long distances on the road. It is important to keep it comfortable and warm since flights can be quite cold and therefore tracksuits are the best options. In comfort wear, you carry clothes like shorts and tees (for beaches) or sweaters/pullovers (for hills) that keep you at ease but also look aesthetically pleasing- the second ‘A.’ The number of comfortable clothes you carry should be larger in proportion as compared to other garment types. Formal garments should be limited during leisure trips, but they come in handy when dining at fine-dining restaurants and therefore keeping a pair or two is a must. Lastly, again, your fancy wear should also be limited because it takes up too much space in the suitcase and its main purpose is for capturing quality pictures. Similarly, with footwear, a pair of shoes is a must for the airport and long walks, crocs or rubber slippers for going near water or for comfort and perhaps a pair of heels to go along with fancy wear. Swimming trunks are a must with all essentials if travelling to a hot destination.

Next, you must pack your undergarments as per your travel duration, but it is always good to carry a few extra pairs. 2 pouches are a must to pack- 1 should be labelled as a toiletry kit and the other should include your accessories. Toiletry includes skincare products like moisturisers and light make-up which should include the basics, toothbrush, comb etc) and accessories should have all jewellery items that match the outfits, headbands, scarfs etc. You must not forget to take your sunblock, shades and hat/cap. If you wear numbered glasses then it is a good idea to carry two of them, just in case and make sure they are kept in a protective case, so they don’t get damaged during travel. Keep a watch with a neutral strap so that it goes with most of your outfits.

Apart from this, it is beneficial to carry a hand carry that is easy to move and a neutral-coloured sling that comes in handy wherever you travel around. Make sure you pack all your technological devices including your laptop/iPad/iPhone in your hand carry-on so that it is convenient to take out during the security check and is also placed in a cover to protect them from damage. Don’t forget to put in the chargers because without them your devices will be of no use. Keep your earphones/headphones/Kindle if you are an active user. Keep everything fully charged before travel. If you’re travelling abroad, make sure you have your currency exchanged. Be organised and keep a separate file where you can place your passport and other relevant documents and put them in the outside pocket of your hand carry so that it is easy to take out. In your hand carry, keep a light shawl or jacket as handy.

Also, always carry a small first aid kit which includes essential medicines. In addition to all these points, you should carry with you a light snack with you while you travel and carry enough water that keeps you hydrated and has wet wipes/sanitiser/toilet spray for hygiene purposes. Lastly, if you have the time, prepare a small checklist of items you are carrying to crosscheck while re-packing during your return.

Travel is like therapy and offers you a bouquet of memories that you cherish your entire life. Let’s make this experience most fun-filled and relaxed, not full of panic-struck moments triggered by a packing crisis. Hence, be pre-planned and well-organised to enjoy the stress-free vacations that you truly deserve!

If you need help with your travel wardrobe, get in touch with us at +91-9810000799 or DM us at @UrStyleCoach

Until next, Stay safe and stay stylish!

Article written by guest writer Bhushita Ahuja

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