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Trend Alert – Monk Strap Shoes

For Indian men, its always about expression over dressing. As they are in a phase of transition and are becoming more and more experimentative. Monk Straps have been creeping in everywhere in all kind of materials, designs and explosive colors.

These buckled beauties make bold style statement, quiet contrary to their origin. They were originally created centuries ago by European monks as a more protective and durable alternative to sandals.

A lot of guys shy away from the monk because they either think they’re too fancy and they don’t think they can pull it off or they simply don’t understand what to wear them with. Surprisingly, the best thing about monk straps are that they are quite versatile. You can not only pair them up with nice well cut suit or dress trousers but can also dress up with a pair of jeans or chinos.

They are all about expressing your personality.

Guess what they are meant to get you noticed. T

hey radiate European elegance with just the right touch of masculine pride without being flashy. And because this shoe is meant to be a bit of a show-off but in a good way, make sure to hem your pants with little to no break so that the world can admire the entire shoe’s true exquisiteness. The monk strap is the ultimate footwear style statement.

Step into a pair, announce yourself to the world, and be handsomely rewarded.

About TSG:

THE SHOE GARAGE also known as TSG, embarked its journey in the retailing business in New Delhi, the capital of India in ‘1999 ’. The Shoe Garage with its expertise in the art of footwear has expanded its horizon by introducing its own range of Men’s Bespoke Footwear, named ARTIMEN - ‘Art for Men’. The Brand - Artimen allows the customers to design their own bespoke shoes. The clients have the full liberty to play around with the designs & colors. Be it Artimen's creations on display or the clients imagination, the proficient team with its knowledge and experience makes sure it reaches its clients feet.

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