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  1. BERETS- THE TRENDING HAT Now is the time to invest in some berets! This trend has trickled down already and is slowly catching up. We believe berets will be everywhere in the coming season. It is the ultimate accessory to dress up any minimalistic outfit. Take clues straight from the runway.

David Hart - fall 2018

Dyne - fall 2018

  1.  ANIMAL PRINT Animal print is back! Let yourself a little free and get your animal instinct on! Take inspiration from Tom Ford on how to rock animal print this Autumn/Winter.

Tom Ford - Fall 2018

Tom Ford - Fall 2018

Faith Connection - Fall 2018

3. MONO TONE SUITS This is a classic trend that can never go out of fashion. If you don’t already have one, invest in one. Fashion weeks were laden with monotone dressing this year. When trying monotone dressing, be sure to make it monotonous, play with the textures, shades and accessories.

Tom Ford - fall 2018

Tom Ford - Fall 2018

  1. PLAIDS AND CHECKS There isn’t much to say about this trend. This trend has been in fashion for quite some time now and isn’t going anywhere. It is a versatile and has a huge room to play with. Let the patterns speak for you!

Tom Ford - Fall 2018

Dries Van Noten - Fall 2018

Dries Van - Fall 2018

Todd Snyder - Fall 2018

  1. YELLOW- COLOUR OF THE SEASON It is time to get some colors into your wardrobe this season. Even though pastels are still going strong, colours like yellow was huge this fashion week. Is it the time to paint the town yellow? Well, we don’t know for sure, but we definitely do recommend all the dandies out there to experiment and have fun with this colour trend. If you wonder how, take inspiration from the 2018 fashion week because Yellow is the new black!

Paris Fashion week 2018

Paris Fashion week 2018

Paris Fashion week 2018

Paris fashion week 2018

Hopefully, these trend insights will help you prep up for the coming season and help you stay on the top of your style game. Let us know your thoughts, we would love to hear from you. Want to change your wardrobe? Want to dress better but don’t know how? Get in touch NOW! You can reach us at UrStyleCoach is a men’s styling company where we cater to all your styling needs. Be it your business wardrobe or your event attires.  To know more about how can we help you, book a free thirty minute Skype session. Get in touch with us at Email: Phone: +91 9810000799 You can also find us here at







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