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Wear a Nice Perfume

Gentlemen, our Sense of Sight & Sense of Smell are perhaps the most primal of all human senses. A lot of people put considerable effort and time in trying to look good and presentable.

Giving utmost attention to the hairstyle, outfits, and accessories but they completely ignore the other sense. A bad odour can ruin even the most perfect outfit. Fragrances are experienced long before words are formed. They are an invisible part of one's personal style and it has a powerful effect on how people see and remember you. Smell holds a surprising influence over our thoughts, emotions, and even other senses.

According to a survey in Australia – “women are dazed by passing men who wear any kind of perfume or a cologne even if they are not that good looking. It sort of creates and image in woman’s mind that a guy is more organized and takes care of his looks.” A good fragrance has numerous benefits, from making you appear attractive, to boosting your confidence, to helping you feel less stressed and acting as mood enhancer.

In-spite of all the crazy advantages, 80% of men do not wear fragrance on a regular basis. Wearing a perfume not only benefit man’s love life but also gets noticed by women.

Rules of buying a Fragrance

Go for the fragrances that lasts long, are unique and compliment your natural odor. Remember the point of wearing a fragrance is that people can smell and appreciate your fragrance. When buying, spray on each wrist or and wear it for sometime. Smell the fragrance at different intervals for an hour to observe the transition and check how long the smell lasts. Avoid spraying on paper as it is a poor indicator of how the notes mix with your odor. A fragrance should mix with your body oils and that’s what makes it unique.

Coach tip : When choosing a fragrance let your nose do the judgement. Don’t let others choose it for you & don’t get biased on what your friends or colleagues wear because what works for them might not work for you.

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