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What to wear and avoid at work

No matter how trendy it is, you should definitely avoid bomber jackets at workplace. Not only it’s not formal but you also won’t be taken seriously because of your casual persona. - 2. AVOID BRIGHT COLORS

Stick to neutrals for summers. You can experiment with pastels, don't wear bright colors as they may project you as overpowering. 3.  KEDS OR FLIP-FLOPS ARE A BIG NO!

Flip-Flops are a huge deal-breaker, try wearing brogues or oxfords and try wearing loafers if you want to be comfortable . For ladies pumps or ballet flats is recommended and remember that your heels shouldn't announce themselves before you do. 4. SKIRT SHOULDN’T BE TOO SHORT

Your skirt should have an appropriate length , right where your knee ends. - 5. AVOID FLORALS AT ALL COST!

Avoid big patterns and floral at work place as it not only looks casuals but also they are distracting. - WHAT TO WEAR 1. SOLID COLORS

Always opt for solid colors and make sure your belt and shoe color matches, or at least are of same color family. 2. MAKE SURE ITS WRINKLED FREE!

It’s one of the most important things . A wrinkly outfit doesn’t look presentable , the next day you will  be able to iron your suit but you won’t be able to iron that crumbled impression. 3. MIX AND MATCH

This look is a smart casual , you can opt for this in your workplace and it’s trendy too however you should definitely avoid wearing this for a business meeting . 4. LAYER IT UP!

Always layer it up with a jacket if you can and definitely wear a camisole if you think your top is slightly sheer just to be on the safe side. - 5. HOW TO PATTERN

Now hold your horses! .. I know I’ve said not to use patterns earlier , but there’s a decent way to wear patterns like in this picture ! always wear patterns on your blazer or coat and team it up with a plain shirt to balance it all out. - 6. FLARED PANTS

Invest in a good pastel flared pants and team it up with a shirt, it’s a trendy look and will make you comfortable as well as stylish! Do you feel like you need to revamp your wardrobe or add a zing to your style? Do you think it’s a big task and need someone else's advice? Probably an expert? Well we have got you covered! Our styling expert will get you the look not only you hoped for but deserve! Get in touch with us and let us help you. Leave us your contact information and a stylist from my team will get in touch with you or you can drop us an email/message/Whatsapp on the ID/Number below. Email ID: Phone: +91 9810000799 Until next, Stay happy, Stylish stylish.

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