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What to wear and What not to

5 Things Men should Never Wear (Ditch them right away if you own any)

It is not about buying new clothes everytime to look great . At times great style begins with subtractions from the wardrobe Get rid of these first : -Overly flamboyant articles -Outdated trends. -Teenage clothing interest.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to spot a fashion mistake when everybody else seems to adopt it as a trend. Don’t fall in the trap. When in doubt, stick to classics. Also, men should experiment with colors but never go over board with them. Stick to 3 colors at the max in a single look. Ditch the articles that you haven't used for an year. Thinking they might comeback in trend.

Trust me if you haven't got a chance to pull them out in last 4 seasons, you will never use them again .

Decluttering your wardrobe is the 1st step to building a Stylish wardrobe.

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