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  1. RECYCLE, UPCYCLE:The brands have made us believe that we all need new clothes for every possible occasion to look great. DO NOT GIVE INTO THAT NARRATIVE. You do not need new clothes instead you need some accessories and an innovative mind to re-wear your old clothes in new ways. Revamp your old suits, sarees, play around with the drapes or add statement accessories. Your wardrobe already has everything you need. You only need to see them with fresh, innovative eyes to see the potential of the clothes.

[For reference look at Komal Pandey's Instagram profile. She is the flag bearer of reusing her clothes in a hundred different ways and we are here for it. The picture above shows her styling a plain white skirt in 3 different ways.] 

  1. ACCESSORISE:We all have that plain white/black kurta, plain saree or a plain shirt in our wardrobe that we rarely wear. It is the perfect time to put them to use. Plain outfits make a great canvas to experiment and play around with. Accessories are a good way to dress up your basic outfits. Wear a belt, chunky jewellery, heavy dupatta, brooch, pocket square or a jacket. You will be surprised by the potential of your plain clothes.

  1. DRESS IT UP WITH DUPATTASThe power of stoles and dupattas is infinite. Everyone has a dupatta in their wardrobe and if you don't then it is the perfect time to borrow it from your mother's wardrobe. You can drape the dupatta in so many different ways to dress up your relatively plain outfit. Adding a dupatta in an innovative way will help give your outfit a fun twist. Use a colourful dupatta to add colour to your plain outfit. if you are feeling a little more experimental you can also drape your dupatta as a top. There are so many videos on the internet showing you how. Perfect time to put them to test! For men, we have a video for draping a stole in five different ways. Do watch it because we are sure that you will learn so much out of it for this festive season.

  1. WEAR THE BEST OF BOTH THE WORLDSIndo-western looks never disappoint and is the perfect outfit fix for festivals when you have nothing to wear. A classic shirt with a lehenga skirt or palazzo and teamed up with some matching accessories is always a good choice. You can also wear crop tops (that you have been saving to wear out but unfortunately owing to pandemic you could not) with sarees, palazzos or maxi skirt. Pant-sarees are also a very popular indo-western style you should definitely give a try. For men, Kurta's with jeans make the perfect effortless outfit combo.

  1. GO THE MINIMALISTIC ROUTEWe have always related festive wear with loud prints, bold colours and heavy embroidery but that no longer holds true. Everyone is now inclining towards classy and subtle designs and rightly so. A clean, simple and minimalistic look not only looks extremely elegant and classy but also helps put you at focus instead of the outfit. You don't need a heavily embroidered outfit to stand out. A plain outfit can help you do the same. So, dig out your plain saree, that simple Anarkali or that Kurta and wear it with your beautiful smile and confidence. Trust us, it will do wonders for your look.

Having said that, we would also like to put across a disclaimer that we do not advocate going out for social gatherings until absolutely necessary and if you have to we advice that you take all necessary precautions such as wearing masks, washing your hands frequently and maintaining proper distance. Let us know what do think of the tips. Also, if you end up following any one of our tips do send us your picture on Instagram at @URSTYLECOACH. We would love to see all your festive looks. Until next time, Stay safe, stay stylish xx

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