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Do You love wearing your basics but at the same time you want to look stylish and chic?

Do you wish to look stylish without compromising the comfort of your favourite jeans and t-shirt combo?

Do you believe looking stylish is all about wearing trendy clothes and popular brands?

Well, Let me tell you looking stylish is all about how you wear and quite literally how you style your clothes. Contrary to what social media has made us believe, it has nothing to do with wearing the most popular/expensive brands or trends.

Don’t believe me? Read this blog because I will be revealing 5 super easy styling tips that will instantly make you look put together and of course stylish.

Now Styling or dressing up a basic outfit is not that difficult once you know what result you want to achieve

  • Do you want to look powerful?

  • Do you want to look confident?

  • Or do you want to look elegant?

What I mean by this is suppose you want to look powerful and confident the best way to do that would be to make your Outfit formal. Adding a blazer will make your outfit formal and also help you achieve a powerful look but if you want to look elegant accessorising your look would be the best way to do so.

So the first Tip would be to decide what kind of image you want to project. This can depend upon what occasion you are dressing up for, where you are going, who will you be meeting and maybe your mood. The way you dress and the way you present yourself speaks a lot about who you are. Every time you are putting together an outfit make sure to ask yourself these questions. This will make styling an outfit so much easier.

Layering is one of the most popular styling trends that you can notice almost on everyone from supermodels to celebrities to Instagram influencers. It is popular for a reason. How do you add a layer? Wearing a blazer, scarf, kimono or an over-shirt is the most simple way to do it. Once you get a hang of it you can also always experiment with layering.

Adding a layer, in my opinion, is one of the secret weapons that every stylish person possess. To put this simply adding a layer adds depth, variety and makes your outfit visually interesting and of course makes your otherwise basic and plain outfit look stylish.

Another quick tip to stylise your outfit is to use the power of accessories. Accessorising is a very underrated styling hack in my opinion. There is so much to experiment and play around with. earrings, necklaces, rings, belts, scarves or brooches, adding accessories adds interest to your basic outfit you can also use accessories to add some colour in case the outfit is of neutral tone. Accessorising is such a simple trick to spice up your outfit.

Switch it up with your shoes. I understand sneakers and slides feel a lot more comfortable but if you want to style up your outfit try switching your sneakers for heels or slides for sandals. I am not asking you to be sky-high heels you can choose Block heels, wedges, kitten heels or even mules. They look more dressy and even though you won’t be doing a lot with your outfit, just switching up your footwear will change your entire appearance. So next time when you are heading out and you feel like wearing sneakers opt for dressier footwear instead and you will see the difference.

Choose that model-off-duty “high-low”. Mix and match your casual pieces of clothing with more dress you informal pieces for example if you’re wearing a graphic tee let it up with a blazer or your casual pieces of clothing with more dress you informal pieces. For example, if you’re wearing a graphic tee layer it up with a blazer or for a summer look wear it with tailored pants. This look is perfect for a stylish effortless vibe. It’s both casual and dressed up at the same time and would look perfect wherever you go.

Here is a bonus tip for you make sure the clothes you wear fit you perfectly. They shouldn’t be too loose or too tight unless obviously intended. It makes a huge difference in how your outfit looks jeans to lose or a T-shirt too tight can make your outfit makes a huge difference in how your outfit look jeans too lose or a T-shirt too tight can make your outfit not only looks borrowed but also out of date so make sure you pay extra attention to how your clothes fit you.

I follow these tips religiously whenever I am putting an outfit together and it has worked wonders for me on days I don’t feel like putting in too much effort while dressing up. All these steps are tried and tested and I recommend everyone who is watching this video to give them a try.

And like I mentioned before I will be conducting our most popular “DRESS FOR SUCCESS” online workshop where I will be explaining how you can dress better and sharper. If you want to gain deeper insights into dressing well then this workshop is perfect for you. Message us on Instagram or leave a comment down below for more information.

If you found this helpful make sure to like this blog and follow us on Instagram. I plan to share more hacks and tips with you.

Until next time stay stylish and stay Safe

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