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Did you know wearing the right colour can make or break your overall look just the way a good or bad hairstyle could?

Have you had a day where you have tried an exceptionally good outfit but for some reason, it didn’t look “right”?

Paying attention to the colour of the outfit is not just for aesthetic purposes. Being aware of what works for you and which colour complements your complexion can do wonders for your overall look. You can use colour to your advantage to look and feel more confident.

The potential of colour is undeniable. However, to unleash the power we need to know ‘our colours’. We understand knowing our colours could be a confusing task and that’s where we come in! Keep on reading to understand your skin tone and colours that will complement you.

The first step to finding the right colour is to Identify your skin tone.

Identifying your skin tone could be a tricky task. So, to make it simple we have categorised it into three categories: Pale or light, Olive and Dark.


Skin that is lightish in colour and prone to freckles fall under this category.

You will have noticed certain colours make you look washed out and look paler than your complexion. We recommend basing your outfit around darker colours. Shades like grey, dark blue, black, green will all work great against your skin tone.

You need to avoid lighter colours, neutral or shades closer to your skin tone. White, light beige and in some instances pastel hues will make you look paler.


If your complexion is warmer with yellowish or greenish undertone you fall under this category.

You need to steer off colours that are closer your skin tone to get the best match for your skin. Shades of brown, yellow and green that come close to your tone need to stay clear from. Bright colours teamed up with neutrals will look great.

Luckily you have been blessed with a complexion that looks great with most colours so you have got room to experiment a bit.


We like to call dark skin tone as the ‘jackpot’ of skin tones. In most cases, you will be able to wear any shade or hue successfully.

From neutrals to bright colours your skin tone is able to complement myriad of hues and shades. You can try and experiment without hesitation because you have literally won the genetic lottery in this department.

We hope this blog helped you in finding your colour. If you have any further queries or doubt reach out to us at @Urstylecoach on Instagram or drop us an e-mail on

Do let us know in the comment section below if this blog helped you out.

Until next time,

Stay safe, stay stylish!

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