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  1. A suit jacket is worn along with trousers made out of exact swatch of fabric.

  2. A suit jacket has a comparatively tighter and closer fit for the reason that they are ideally not meant to layered. But you can play by the rules and layer it if needed.

  3. Suits jackets are made from lighter weight, higher quality fabrics. Fabrics such as worsted wool, linen, silk and cashmere.

  4. Given the formality of the piece, suit jackets are mostly found n solid colours, most common being navy blue. Other colours are charcoal grey, light grey, and black.

  5. If you already own suits in solid colours, it’s time to invest in textures such as pin-stripes or textured weaves.

  6. There are three types of suit jackets: 2 button single breasted (the most common one) with notched lapel and flap pockets, 3 button single breasted best suited for taller men (helps balance the body well) and 6 button double breasted, which a highly formal suit jacket and must be worn for special occasions. For pairing shoes with suit jackets, make sure the formality of the outfit is not compromised. Stick with lace-up oxfords or brogues in dark brown, black or burgundy. THE BLAZER JACKET

  7. The blazer jacket was initially worn by the member of clubs.

  8. If you want to buy just one blazer make it navy!

  9. They come in many colour variants and is primarily made out of wool.

  10. They are the most versatile of all three and can be styled in many different ways.

  11. Their buttons are made of metal or brass often with some embossed designs.

  12. Grey flannel trousers look excellent with a navy blue blazer.

  13. You can also team them up with Khaki pants.

  14. If you want an informal option, you can go ahead pick up your favourite pair of denim to team it up with the blazer. For all the experimental dandies out there, you can consider wearing coloured pants in red or green. A prior warning, this look is not for someone with a feeble heart! THE SPORTS JACKET Back in the day, sports jackets were worn by gentlemen during sporting events such as polo races or shooting.

  15. It is not an appropriate formal wear clothing but is definitely a staple for the sharp and casual style.

  16. Sports jacket comes in variety of prints and designs

  17. As compared to suit jacket, fit of a sports jacket is loosely structured to allow layering underneath.

  18. Sports jacket generally have elbow patches which have to do with the fact that these were made to protect gentleman when they indulged in sporting activities. Elbow patches earlier had a functional purpose but now they have been reduced to only fulfil the aesthetic purpose.

  19. Most commonly used fabrics/designs for sports jacket are herringbone, houndstooth and shepherd’s checks, Flannel and Tweed.Suit Jackets vs. Blazers vs. Sports Jackets in Summary Although these jackets overall might not look extremely apart from each other in appearance and structure, however, the purpose of each jacket set them apart. There’s no one jacket better than the other. The choice of the jacket depends upon the formality and requirement of the occasion.

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