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Hello friends!

Think what is the one outfit you could wear everyday for the rest of your life??? YES it can be anything, may be your favorite graphic T-Shirt, your funky pair of socks or may be your favorite grey suit.

We have more clothes in our wardrobe & we are never satisfied & enjoy them less. We have a full closet, yet nothing to wear.

We would suggest you to Invest in things you love. Otherwise, you may end up buying clothes that doesn’t make any sense for you!

1) Quality over Quantity

You may invest on your basics but be selective when you purchase something. Before purchasing think of how many occasion & in how many ways you can wear them. Also look for quality fabric that last longer & always choose fit over size.

2) Your wardrobe reflect your personality

Always keep your wardrobe clean & organized because it reflects your personality. Think twice before you buy anything and yes please take care of your clothes, it will help to keep you organized and helps you to make a better choice. Discard what you don’t need and for every 7 pieces you discard, add 1 nice piece. Think twice before you buy anything. Make sure you take care of your clothes & stack them nicely. It will not only make help you make a better choice but also saves time.

3) Own Your Style

Before you buy anything, you must know your style,don’t go for fads and build your own style. Be aware of what you want & what fits you well. Always buy for today, not for tomorrow. Few signature pieces are enough in your wardrobe, but remember buy timeless, not trendy.

You must know your style, it will help you to keep your wardrobe minimal. Always keep your wardrobe clean and own just the clothes you love, and nothing that you don’t.

Be creative. Create outfits from a few essential pieces it can be fun, and remember, creativity loves space!

Did we miss on something, How did you find the blog do share on the comments below. You can reach alternatively to us on+91 9810000799 or via email at for a free 20 minutes consultation call!

Until next Stay Classy, Stay Stylish

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