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Power dressing is the unique style of an individual that shows their position and authority in business or at the workplace. When people advise you to dress for the position you thrive for; they say it rightly, as power dressing has a major impact on your career. Not only dressing, but your style, confidence, your body language, and the way you carry yourself matters equally. Surely, your clothing is not an indicator of your intelligence; but it does act as a confidence and morale booster in the corporate world. When you have intelligence, intellectual and leadership capability; your dressing is the statement that puts across this message. The charm and suave that oozes through power dressing are indefinite.

Power Dressing has various powerful Impacts.

1. Breaking Stereotypes One of the traditional adages states that you need to dress to impress. Whereas, people all over the globe are breaking this old impression to a new one which says – Dress to Express. You don’t need to impress anyone through clothes, intelligence is enough for that. However, to express authority and commandment; well for that power dressing is a must. It also affects how you feel about yourself, indirectly affecting your body language. When you feel confident in your clothes; your approach automatically becomes confident. 2. A Perfect Recipe for Respect What is one common thing among all the celebrities, political icons, business tycoons, and iconic influencers? Their command, their authority, and of course their dressing. Interestingly it is an interlinked chain. Power dressing states authority, which in turn makes you respect the person who is in command. When it is said that sharp and crisp dressing gives you a morale boost it also makes others see at you with a different perspective. You can effectively cut your way out the fierce competition simply by your strong influence. 3. Never Underestimate the Impact of First Impression We have no control over first impressions. We are involuntarily driven by our subconscious minds to notice minute details we may not be consciously aware of. People do tend to make self-decisions regarding a person’s personality during the first meetings itself. Do you want to come off as an influencer or as just another normal worker? It all depends upon your style, your dressing. The way you dress and present yourself to others also speaks volumes of your seriousness about work. Unless you are an artist who does not need to make an impact physically or you are working in a creative bubble where creativity supersedes everything else. 4. Suit Up

Gone are the days where formals and blazers were the donned by the male section of society. Women power players make an equally powerful statement in the present corporate scenario with tailor-made and haute-couture suits, blazers, and formals. The corporate ladder has turned into a runway for the female protagonists who are giving leadership and authoritative goals and showing bold courage for work and career goals.

Tell us in the comments what do you think about power dressing. If you have any questions, comments, feedback for us, contact us at @UrStyleCoach on Instagram.

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