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What to Wear this Holiday Season

Xmas and New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and it’s officially time to upgrade your party outfit for the big night — but no stress, ‘cos Ur Style Coach has curated 5 Different Looks for the Holiday Season for you right here.

One thing that’s quite confusing during the Holiday Season is planning and executing an impeccable outfit. But fret not — there’s still ample time to prepare perfect outfits for this season.

To help you get some ideas of chic, party outfits for both men & women, we researched on what is trending this season and what our celebrities and fashionistas are wearing this season. Just as expected, their looks didn’t disappoint. There was a limited red & green, just the right amount of sparkle, and they had used the right way of layering to stay cosy yet stylish.

From Sequin skirts to Overcoats, these are the outfits you must try to stand out during this Holiday Season. Who’s with us? Read on to see the looks for yourself.

Casual Dinner Looks -

Are you one of those who is a sucker for house parties? A private location, close friends, barbeque, good music and champagne…are you up for it? Welcome to adulthood!

Assuming you are a guest and not the host, the ideal dress code for men for such a setting would be to wear a turtleneck and top it with a casual cardigan/sports coat. Wear jeans and sneakers to look put together.

Ladies, go ahead and wear your lacy tops with jeans. Accessorize with statement earrings and a sequins clutch to finish the look. Lace is a super glam piece that dresses up even the most casual look, or if you prefer wear it with corduroy or white legged pants and sparkly flats for a festive holiday look!

PRO TIP - Keep the Turtlenecks and Lacy tops bright while you keep the Cardigan/Sports coat neutral. Refer 2018/19 color palette for better understanding of which colors you must go for in this season.


Formal Dinner Looks -

When attending a formal dinner, dress code is extremely important.

The ideal dress code for men includes a well fitted blazer or dinner jacket, a double-cuffed shirt with a turn down collar for that crisp look. Wear sleek, slim fitted pants and oxford shoes to look dapper. Add statement accessories like a bow tie to add that extra oomph!

For women, glam up in an elegant floor length evening gown that shows off your silhouette. Pair it with stilettos or pumps. Or if you’re feeling confident enough, you can even opt for a fitted tux or pant suit — girl boss kinda look. To add a fun element to the tux you can go for kitten heels. This being a formal dinner, leave the metallic, plastic and bright colored jewelry at home and instead go for something more understated and polished. A necklace, bracelets, earrings, never wear the whole trinity at one go to a formal dinner, opt for one or two accessories and you’re good to go. Complete your look with a small clutch.

PRO TIP - Stay away from florals and bright prints. Wear classic pieces for a formal dinner type setting. Never experiment with too much metallic or flashy accessories. Basic black color is the most preferred.


Hitting the Club Looks -

This is the look where you can totally get experimental with your styling options. Clubbing is all about effortless coolness. So keep the look cool and rugged instead of making it too fancy. Do remember to check the dress codes at the club you’re heading to once before finalizing the outfit.

Men, you can go for something super classic like a olive green bomber jacket, with black jeans, black oversize t-shirt and a black or dark brown pair of boots. Also, you can go for patterned shirt with trousers look. Wear a long over coat and a muffler to add warmth. Blue and dark gray are good alternatives to black denims.

Women, you can wear a satin blouse and leather black pants or a nice feminine top with a metallic pleated skirt. Add a blazer to beat the winters. Choose something that fits you and shows off your silhouette. A simple clutch in a suitable color will go a long way. Avoid wearing a necklace and instead go for drop earrings as accessories. Heels of any kind will work with although the pointy pumps will be most comfortable for dancing.

hitting the club look

Holiday Season Brunch Looks -

Whether you’re invited to someone’s home or to a fancy restaurant, a holiday brunch is one of the favorite holiday events. For one, because almost everyone loves brunch foods, but also because it tends to be more low-key.Men should go for a very casual vibe wearing regular t-shirt, jeans and boots with a bright colored trench coat and a scarf. Women can opt for a fitted jewel tone blouse or ruffle top with a paper bag waisted pants with kitten heels in a color that corresponds with your dress. A small handbag, or preferably a day clutch will work best to complete the outfit. Accessorize, or don’t, ‘cus the holiday brunch is all about looking effortless without trying too hard.


Office Party Wear Looks -

Don’t make holiday dressing so cut and dry by including only dull colors. From velvet jackets to bold-shouldered party dresses, you can play along and try some really colorful combinations because in the end it is about holiday season. You can totally dress up your work wardrobe a bit for Christmas.

Men, you can go for a simple navy two piece suit, add a nice bright tie or a printed shirt. Or if you still want to tone it down a bit more, get rid of the blazer and swap it for a sports coat. Throw in bright color socks and neck scarves. Try balancing the more formal aspects of your look with some more relaxed pieces like a pair of cropped pants. So if you know that most of the crowd is going to be casual, you might want to replace your brogues with chukka boots.Women, go for satin blouses with pleated midi skirts, with blazer and a big clutch and you are all set too rock that office party.


P.S.- Trends you must totally avoid this season-

  1. Don't go completely red on red when getting ready for Xmas/New Year.

  2. Try experimenting with colors of the season. There are some really cool colors to try out apart from the usual red, black and green. Refer the guide, here.

  3. Don't go all out on metallics and sequins. Instead, let one piece of clothing like either your skirt or top or clutch be in metallic and stand out.

  4. Go bold on accessories - cherry red, burnt orange even neon footwear are here to stayIf u need any help with Styling & Wardrobe consultation, Call 9810000799 Merry Xmas and a very Happy New Year!

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