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1.Feather trims

The trend made it to the top last summer, however, it quickly found its way to winter, 2021. This trend not only is extremely glamorous, but, also very wearable. Making it perfect for holiday season. From coats to  blazers, shirts, tops and skirts, feather trim is pretty much everywhere.

2. Cut-out detail

Cut-out details, again a common design detail in summer clothing, is now making strong appearances in winter wear and we are here for it! It adds an oomph factor in otherwise simple design. From runways to high-street retailers, you can find this trend everywhere.

3. Faux-Fur

Cozy and stylish. Those are the two words that come to our mind when we see Faux-fur clothing. It is also a trend which is more like a classic style. So, in case you are reluctant to  trying out "Trends", faux-fur is something you can totally try.

4. Knits

Knits are no longer just limited to sweaters and cardigans. From dresses to pants, knits are everywhere. They are comfortable  and the silhouette it gives is extremely flattering. It is simple and yet so chic. This trend gets thumbs-up from our side.

5. Faux-leather

Faux-leather is a returning trend that made it big last year and we are not ready to let it go this year as well. Faux-leather outfits have uniqueness to them. They are edgy but oh, so stylish. Faux-leather pants can be seen everywhere, but, it you are truly looking to experiment with  the trend, we suggest to try it out in dresses, skirts or co-ord sets. Let us know your favourite trend for the season and  follow us on Instagram @urstylecoach  for more regular style tips and updates. Until next, stay safe and stay stylish. 

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